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Need an answer to a horticultural question?  Post your questions here and see them in a future blog post!

Please include your planting zone, state, and information on your general location (are you at the base of a mountain? on top of a hill? in a bog? etc..) when posting your question.

(Please note:  posts will be relocated to the blog entry as they are responded to.)

9 thoughts on “Post Your Questions Here

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  2. There is a fellow around here who plants bulk spinach in his garden each fall and then harvests it in early spring. I’ve only heard about this guy; I’ve never actually met him, so I can’t ask any questions. Do you know whether it actually is possible to plant spinach in the fall? If so, which variety would you suggest? We have a 20 foot X 20 foot plot we plan to plant out. I usually plant it with winter rye to prevent erosion, but this alternative sounded really nice.

  3. I just picked an Argonaut squash about 24″ long weight about 10 + lbs. but was dark green in surface color. Ran all the photo’s I could find of those that I had planted.

    Does this variety remain green and then change to Orange when it becomes ripe or ready to pick -today is 10/27/2016-L.I.,N.Y.

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  5. Hello,

    I was wondering is deep root watering trees a must? I have saw mixed reviews on the process. I’m on the board for a condo corporation and one member is insisting that we need to deep root water the evergreens from the evidence that I have found it’s not a necessity to deep root water the trees. With that being said I’m not an expert on trees. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and there are lots of evergreens around the city. In the large parks it would not be particle to deep root water every tree and I doubt the city does more then just a regular watering in the small parks. What is your opinion on the process?

    • Hi Mike,

      A full comment on this will be following tonight, but wanted to give you at least the start of an answer, as I am guessing this is a time-sensitive matter. I am not familiar with Calgary and the soil/rain/etc., but I am going to go out on a limb and guess it is not an extremely wet or dry place. Deep root watering is a technique that is used in areas where they get a lot of small showers — essentially, the top few inches are consistently wet, but below is dry. The roots stay at the top where they little bits of precip always are, and never go deeper. Deep watering sticks a tube down to put the water deeper. I don’t recommend it. I assume this is in a grassy area that is being frequently watered to keep it nice and green, along with a lot of fertilizer? If so, you are going to have issues with shallow roots even with the deep watering used — if the roots are happy where they are (up top) with fertilizer and water, they are not even going to go down to the deep root water. More later, including an easier way to have roots go deep no matter what and other tips to help. Sorry, the garden waits and daylight is burning!

  6. Hey Mertie, I sent a check for an order to Vermont Bean. I received everything from them and had no problem except with the 1356A Red Cloud Hybrid Beets. Very few beets came up but somethin else did. Not sure what it is but it looks like turnips. I don’t need turnips, I need beets. I emailed them May 7 and have had no response back. I have no beets, no answers, and no money. Please help and thanks.

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